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Official news and announcements.
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By CiKeZ ADMIN Aug 23, 17
Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By Sportivoman Apr 3, 17
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General discussion about our Vanilla Server goes here.
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By coram Nov 2, 17
Please provide as much information as you can when reporting a hacker. Player name, time, type of hack, description of scenario, etc..
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By killerhillbilly Oct 4, 17
Have you been banned from SM Survival Grounds Vanilla Server? Post it here. Please include as much information as possible regarding the ban. Including player UID, in game name, screenshots, etc.
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By crapcruasader Jul 23, 17
Have a great idea for a Vanilla Server feature? Post it here!
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By Mike Hartman Jun 15, 17
Find a bug on our Vanilla Server? Let us know!
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By Caze Gamez Jul 19, 17
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